International Taxation

If you need to charge sales tax such (e.g. VAT in the UK) for the goods you sell this can easily be set up via your Merchant Control Panel.

There is no need to manually enter the tax tables for the country in which you are doing business. This is prepared and mainted by us. All you need to do is choose which taxation bands you wish to use (if applicable) and which products you wish to apply a sales tax to (e.g. all).

Set Tax Rate for Individual Products

You may change the web site's default tax rate for individual products to other tax rates (e.g. UK VAT Reduced Rate) or apply no tax at all (e.g. UK VAT Zero Rate). All this is clearly displayed to your customers browsing your web site. When you customer purchases a mix of goods taxed at different rates the integrated shopping cart software automatically calculates this and shows a breakdown of the total tax rate charges for the goods being purchased.


All UK VAT rates are supported. If you sell to consumers outside of the UK the shopping cart automatically drops UK VAT based on the customers billing country location. For all UK based consumers, UK VAT can still be applied.


EU VAT tax rates can be loaded at your request enabling you to apply EU VAT to your products.