Add Your Skrill Account To Your Checkout

Go Ecommerce is a Skrill Moneybookers Accredited Partner

1. Login into your Merchant Control Panel.

2. Press Advanced Menu button

3. Click on "Accept Credit/Debit Cards.

4. If you already have a Moneybookers Account click on Add your Moneybookers Email Address
    If you do not have a Moneybookers Account click on Open A Moneybookers Merchant Account.

5. Once you have your Moneybookers Email Address click "Add your Moneybookers EMail Address". This     will take the merchant to the "Add My Moneybookers Basic Merchant Account" screen.

6. Enter Moneybookers Email Address Press "Validate Email Address"
    If your email address is valid you will see a "You have successfully validated your email with Moneybookers. Your Moneybookers Customer ID is XXXXXXXX" message at the top of the screen, showing your Customer ID.

7. If your email address is invalid please click on the link provided to register a new account with Moneybookers Activate Moneybookers Quick Checkout (optional)

8. Once you have successfully validated your Moneybookers Email Address in the step above, enter your secret word Click on Validate Secret Word. You will see a confirmation message of "You have successfully validated your secret password with Moneybookers." 

9. Press "Add" button at bottom of screen Merchant will see confirmation "Payment Gateway Account updated successfully." at top of screen in green box

10. Click "return to Accept Credit/Debit cards" link

11. On the list of available Payment Gateways find "Moneybookers Basic" row,
    - tick the tick box for this
    - select the Moneybookers merchant account you wish to use from the Email Address pull down list
    - select "Live" button just below the pull down list

12. At the bottom of the screen press "Save and Continue"

A confirmation message "Payment Gateways updated successfully." will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Test Live Transaction From Your Checkout and Moneybookers

1. Log Into your Merchant Control Panel

2. If you have a Web Shop create a live product of a minimum value for example £0.01 GBP or $0.01 USD.

If you have a Shopping Cart only, create a Buy Now button for a £0.01 GBP or $0.01 USD product and add this to your web site.

3. Go to your Web Shop or external Web Site to purchase and add this to your Shopping Basket.

4. Press the Checkout button

5. Log In using a test customer account or Create Login for a new test customer using details of your choice.

6. Press "Ship To This Address". If no shipping is available - log into your Merchant Control Panel and add a shipping optiona and charge rate for your test. If you are unsure how to do this follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide or on the relavent screens in the Merchant Control Panel.

7. You are now on the Payment Options screen. Choose Pay by Credit/Debit cards selection and press the Proceed To Payments button. This should take you through your payment page with including the Moneybookers secure payment window.

8. Enter your test customer credit card details and complete the checkout.

9. If the transaction completes successfully you will be presented with an Order Confirmation screen.

If you require any assistence with any of the above steps please contact Go Ecommerce Support. Details are given on the Home page of your Merchant Control Panel.

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