Control Everything Through Your Browser

Using your Internet browser from anywhere you will have access to all aspects of your Online Shop or Shopping Cart using your own secure Merchant Control Panel.

Manage Your Orders

View all your orders online and progress them as required. No matter what payment method your customer uses all orders visible in a single place.

When you mark and order as shipped the update is immediately visible to your customers through your Customer Service Portal.

Once a customer places an order on your web site you will receive a order notification email. The full order details can be viewed by logging into your Merchant Control Panel. There you will find all the information you need to fulfil the order, including billing, delivery details, payment method, time of order etc. 

Split An Order Via Multiple Shippers (Optional)

For order for multiple items, each item, should you need to, can be shipped seperately with the system able to split one order via multiple shippers. Once the order is completed an invoice is automatically generated and made available to your customer via your main eshop web site.