Cloud Hosting Included With All Packages

We choose the UK's first enterprise VMware cloud hosting provider Hyve to host your online shop website and secure checkout. All ecommerce websites are hosted on lightening fast Global Switch London 2, UK cloud hosting data center.

Cloud Hosting Partners

Online Shop and Shopping Cart Ecommerce Web Sites

Online shops and shopping cart need to be secure, compliant, available and scalable at all times. These priorities depend mostly on the infrastructure and support running behind the site. If there's a weak link in just one place, your site could be vulnerable to downtime, exploits and the attention of some unsavory individuals lurking in the Internet's shadows.

Your site, revenue and reputation are all on the line. Good thing we and our hosting provider Hyve take these things seriously for you.

The Doors to Your Online Shop Should Never be Closed

In a lot of cases, your site is your business—or a large part of it. As they say, it's serious business. Our hosting partner comes with a deep expertise in the world of E-commerce to help make sure the doors to your online store or shopping cart stay open.

Our hosting provider keeps your shopping cart or web site within scalable and secure infrastructure.

Keep Your Eyes On The Shopping Cart

Online shopping carts are the cash registers of the online world. They ring beautifully when a sale is completed but have a tendency to get jammed on occasion. And when they do, you need to know quickly. Since there isn't an assistant available on the Internet to inform you of such issues, it is critical to have a robust monitoring solution in place.

We use automatic availability monitoring - to ensure your shoppers will be able to complete their transaction on your site. All web sites are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if at any time a web site goes down a member of the managed hosting team is notified and attempts to resolve the problem immediately. Normally this standard of support may cost £100's but this is fully included as standard as part of all packages.

If your web site is down - we know about it!